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We offer outstanding flight instruction


 Flight Instruction in Eugene for Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-engine, CFI,  Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks, Light Sport, tailwheel,   transition, glass panel.  Experience instructing in Beech Baron,  Pilatus PC12NG, Cessna Grand Caravan, Cessna 414 and many more.  (Flight Training in Eugene) (learn to fly) (Pilot training)

Contract flying your aircraft


 Experienced in many makes and models of single and multi-engine aircraft; piston and turboprop.   Of special note are 400 series Cessna twins, Cessna Grand Caravan, and Pilates PC12NG.

Steve, owner and instructor


Steve holds many certificates and ratings, including ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI.  He is a Captain and instructor in the Civil Air Patrol.  He has flown and instructed in single engine, multi-engine, piston & turbine, tail wheel aircraft.  He has given thousands of hours of flight instruction spanning decades.  His expertise, experience, and enthusiasm are what you are looking for in an instructor.


Thank you for your quality flight instruction Steve! Not only was I able to overcome my fear of flying, I was able to fulfill my dream of flight certification as well.


When I first called Steve to ask about flight instruction, I was instantly impressed with his enthusiasm to start training with me. From the first discovery flight, I felt comfortable and excited, and never questioned that I was in safe hands. We taxied back to the hangar, and I immediately booked him for every single day that summer. My training for my Private Pilot certificate had plenty of ups and downs. There were victories such as my first solo, first solo cross-countries, and of course, earning my certificate! My training also comprised of days where I’d ask myself, “can I really do this?” and “am I good enough?”


Steve is an empath. He is in-tune with human emotions and knows how to approach each student as an individual — not as a mere number or dollar sign. He will mentor you through your struggles and wholeheartedly ring in your accomplishments in the most genuine, caring manner. When you’re on the ground, he’s goofy and personable. When you’re in the air, his CFI skills shine as he walks you through maneuvers professionally and calmly. He has been training pilots for years and has unbridled experience and an honest love for flying. Go with Steve. You will trust his expertise and learn more than you ever have. I will be working on my Instrument rating with Steve next, then move on to my commercial, CFI, multi-engine…and more! The sky is not the limit, it’s our domain!


Train in a late model, well equipped piper in great condition

Train in this late model, beautiful, well equipped Piper Archer III

A lot of training aircraft are old, typically 45 years+, in tired condition and with outdated avionics.  But you have another option in Lane County.  Train in this low-time, beautiful, fully equipped Piper Archer III.  Equipment includes dual Garmin 430 GPS (#1 unit is WAAS), and autopilot with altitude capture and hold.

Time to sign up for pilot training, instrument rating, commercial, or CFI?

 Spring is just around the corner.  Slots will fill up quickly.  Now is the time to get your spot. 

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Piper Archer III


Dual Garmin 430s, S-TEC autopilot, air conditioned, 180 HP.  A beautiful, well equipped, modern trainer.

Cessna 172


Garmin 430 WAAS GPS, For those who prefer to train in a high wing aircraft.

Commander 112


Available for dual instruction to meet Complex Aircraft training requirements.

Piper Archer III cockpit


Designed with the look and feel of an airliner flight deck.  Great preparation for pilots looking to go to the airlines.

Learn traditional nav, GPS, autopilot


VOR and ILS are still very much in use.  But GPS has become the go-to navigation system.  Autopilots are an important tool and professional pilots must be able to use them.  Learn it all here.

Learn instrument flying in clouds, rain


Sure, you can get an instrument rating just wearing a "hood" (view limiting device).  It is far better to learn in IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions).  That is, in clouds and rain, often with no visual reference to the ground.

SPECIAL: Take a Discovery Flight. $150 for a 45 minute flight.

A Discovery Flight is an opportunity to sit in the pilot's seat and actually fly a plane.  An experienced flight instructor will be in the other pilot seat with full controls.  If you have always wondered what it is like to fly a plane, this is you chance to find out.  THIS MAKES AN EXCELLENT GIFT for someone special.

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Instrument flight, through the clouds to landing

Earn your Instrument Rating

Loop and roll in a Van's RV-6.

Great fun! Not quite perfected yet, but getting used to the plane. (Note:  aerobatic flights and training not currently available in I Fly Aviation planes.)

Not my video but too great not to share here

Great footage of a majestic historic aircraft, against a spectacular backdrop.

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